Hello, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Suze Gil and this is my little business; SUZE. Nice and simple. I’m a 2D animator & artist, born in the Netherlands and currently still residing there.


As SUZE, I can provide 2D animations, illustrations, designs, stories and art. I really love to portray stories and messages in all these mediums. Either for personal entertainment or for professional use. My sense of style and theme choices can be considered either as romanticism and/or macabre. Yet I can easily adapt to other preferred styles and themes when required. Whether the request, I definitely will create a memorable impression for anybody’s personal requirements. Cause I really enjoy to research the story, the product or the person to include every bit of detail I can muster.

Not only do I provide these services, I also wish to share little wisdoms, journeys, short stories and experiences through my blog. Hopefully by sharing some of my insights, I can help out other fellow 2d animators & artist. Because, how corny as it may sound, I love helping people out where I can.










"Although I am educated as a animator by trade, I’m a hopeless enthousiast in everything else."









Suze Gil

Born in 1990


2011 - Graduated from  the Deltion College in Zwolle

2016 - December began freelancing as SUZE


2018 - Graduated from HKU art academy in Utrecht.