Animated web series

We get by and the world goes on without us. But what if you are born 'special'? So special in fact that you can control the lives of others in your hands. Would you want this control? Or do you want to just get by and let the world go on. These are the questions these special-born ask themselves everyday. Because they are not only born 'special'. They are born dangerous.

An animated web series with adult content, "SPECIAL" follows the lives of two extremely dangerous individuals who were born ‘special’. Although both Charlotte and Sahari want to live normal lives the best they can, they are constantly confronted by a fragile world that can crumple in their powerful hands. A world they love so much, yet are forced to watch from afar.

Things change when a new ‘Special’ boy comes in the care of Sahari. And when a newly made man falls from the sky into the care of Charlotte. Now both women have to confront their own strange existence, their past and their current place in the world.


Currently in the beginning stage of development.

Story and design: Suze Gil

Composting: Niels Popma