It happened on Halloween

Even in the most bleak circumstances, where death and despair overshadows a hidden away community daily life. Sometimes help and understanding comes from the unlikeliest of places.


"It happened on Halloween", working title, is currently being written. Who knows when it will be finished.

To be Mortal

Online writing experiment were a re-write is shared on Medium

Life, Death and a little Girl

Life, Death and a little Girl is a  storybook  about a little girl who loses her dear Mother and goes on a search for Life and Death to get her mother back again. 


This storybook is being rewritten and will be available in the near future. Wanna see the first draft? It's available on tapastic!


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The Dove keeper

"A long time ago, in a Kingdom not to far away, the King's Dove keeper died."


The tales of Kings is a upcoming series of short stories. Every one of them are centered around Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. The good and the bad.


This short story is available in the shop in ebook formats.

A Stolen Star

The Stolen Star is a children storybook about a little boy who reached for the stars. 


"Discover what happens when a Star is stolen from the Night sky."


This illustration book is available in the shop in ebook formats.

Fox and bear

Short story about the young daughter of a Grand Duke and her fearsome parental guardian.


- “What is your name, good sir?” Lady Lelia asked. But the large knight did not answer. He merely stared down at this little girl that had walked up to him with curiously cold eyes.

“Sir ‘Black Bear’ Belion.” Her father answered for the knight. A sense of pride was in his voice when he exclaimed it. -