Life, Death and a little Girl

Life, Death and a little Girl is my online storybook on Tapastic about a little girl who loses her dear Mother and goes on a search for Life and Death to get her mother back again. 

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Tales of Kings

Tales of Kings is a upcoming mini series of little fairy tale stories which involves Kings, Queens and Princes.  Among them are titles like:

  • The Dovekeeper
  • Lady of the Dragon
  • The Jester
  • The Oaken Child

Read here one of the first stories from Tales of Kings, The Dovekeeper.

A Stolen Star

The Stolen Star is an upcoming children storybook about a little boy who reached the stars. 


"Discover what happens when a Star is stolen from the Night sky."


Want to pre-order the first edition print? Contact me, add the code #STOLENORDER and I will put you on the news list.

A Circle I live in

A little comic strip about a metaphorical circle.