By Otegha Uwagba


This small little book is a great starter for the working women. The color of this book may annoy me to the core, but the tips written by Uwagba is something to think about and consider implementing into our work lives.

Full of tips on how to represent yourself and how to stay productive and efficient. For the professional it is full of reminders and affirmations that you are on the right track. For the aspiring it is a great baseline and gives you options to work on aspects of your business.


A quick read and a cheap buy. A great start.


By Lois P. Frankel


This is it! This is the book that inspired the Book club 3.0. The moment I started reading it, I recognised a lot of the situations described and it made me realise how useful it could be for many other women in my field. 


Lois Frankel lists all the mistakes women make in the workplace and then enlists all the solutions to change those mistakes. Although clearly written for women who work in an office corporate kind of workspace, a lot of tips and solutions can really benefit any working woman. Especially women in the creative industry. Hence this review.


I highly encourage reading this book. However, this does not mean I completely agreed with Frankel on everything she considered a ‘Mistake’. It honestly annoyed me to no end that some were actually seen as a mistake, and therefore a flaw of women in general. Mostly my displeasure came from chapter 7 “How you look”. Although I do agree with her views on the workplace being a male dominant environment, it does not mean that certain characteristics of women have to be adjusted to please that environment. Frankel is very right however, that this male dominant environment won’t be changing soon into a . But her book is a good step in the right direction. The more women can find their footing in the workplace, the more doors it will open for the entire company in question.


Although not a quick read, it is well structured with a clear index. It has a test in the beginning of the book to give you the option to skip towards the chapters that apply to you. Not all the chapters or mistakes may apply to you, but I believe by reading the book in it’s entirety will help to reevaluate yourself and your position in a workplace.

If you want more information about SUZE's BOOK CLUB 3.0, you can check out the Facebook group. And if you have any questions, please ask! Don't feel stupid for asking it, that’s the whole point of this bookclub. If something is unclear, ask for elaborations. It is your right! Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious, this club is women only.

Hi, My name is Suze Gil and I write to help women in the creative industry through reading, share my love for art and tell stories.



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