“We all have a story to tell. To me, it doesn’t matter whether it is long or short, it’s a interesting story nonetheless. What’s is your story?”

If you are looking for something different, thought-out, pretty, confronting, sensual or dark, than I'm most definitely the woman you’re looking for.”


| Short films Music video clips | Storyboards | Explainimations | GIF’s | 

Commercials | Animated iconography | 


Animation has a wide variety of options to explore and it is a medium I love very much. I am actively pursuing daily to work on series, movies and short films.

Do you have a story you want to tell, a product to present to the world, your business you wish to promote, information you want to share or you just want a cool music video clip for your band? Whatever you desire, I would love to work with you!


Take note. Sound design, such as voice-overs or sound effects, will be outsourced and may have additional costs, depending on what kind of animation is required. Music clips are usually clear of these costs.


| Book covers | Book illustrations | Poster illustration

Merchandise illustrations | Branding illustration


 Illustrations can give more context to stories or products. Or it can elevate your book visually or give recognition to your product.


The classic Victorian illustrations do inspire me greatly, but I give my own spin by adding symbolism to tell a secret story. If you like my work, my style and my storytelling, then please don't hesitate to contact me!


| Character designs | Graphic design | Retail design | Merchandise design |


Sometimes you need a logo for your band, or a complete visual representation for a animation. I have found that these are many sides to designing anything. Sometimes you just need something simple, or something very thought out. This is what I love to explore with my clients.


 I love using religious and subcultural symbolism in my own design. And although visually subtle, I tend to do a lot of research on subject matters to ensure my designs have a underlying story hidden inside.


 | Paintings | Prints | Art on commission | Art on Demand |


But of course I also make art on commission to your specific tastes or desires. Whether it is a one of a kind drawn pencil work, inked illustration or a small to a large painting, I’m always open for a challenge. Are you interested or wish to know more? Please contact me by email.

My personal sense of style and theme choices can be considered romantic, symbolistic, simplistic and dark. I love working with lines and patches of black to create the illusion of mass and depth within my illustrations. It's when I'm working with bright colours that I'm considered adventurous.

However I can adapt to other styles and themes and I consider myself a attribute within a team. No matter the project, most importantly for me, story has priority and a style or medium can differentiate per project. It's what I love about my line of work. Any story has a right to be told. And it is an exciting challenge for me to come up with the best ways on telling it.

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