·         No more than 1 character per drawing. You can ask me anyways if you´re very interested, but maybe I´ll charge more.
·         NOT USEFULL for commercial purposes. I make this art for you and for you alone. If you wish to have a design for commercial or company purposes, contact me and you shall receive an official quotation.
·         Payments via Paypal OR within EU through invoice. Half now, half later. I won´t draw until I receive the payment. Payment should be sent in EUROS. Please,notify me with a note or an email when you send the payment.
·         Nudity or sexuality is welcome. But I would charge +50€ for very explicit artwork. I won´t draw certain themes though like: explicit shotacon/lolicon (pedophilia), rape, extreme violence, guro, furry, bestialism,etc… I won´t draw anything I might find offensive.
·         I won’t draw my own OC’s in any case. (Unless you become a Patron on my Patreon)
·         Commissions will be discussed vía email! 
·         Digital commissionsYou’ll receive the high res illustration, and the process sketches. Will charge extra if you wish to have it printed.