Alice Ricca Parker was a lovely refined young woman of 32 years old living in Amsterdam. She was top graduate of the university of Amsterdam class of 2004 and now works as a researcher in bacteria. At the time she was looking into bacterial diseases and how to prevent it. Though she came from a classy family, she was what you would consider a quirky genius. She loved everything cutesy that was either pink or blue. Although her home is very modern and stylish, the bright pink and blue colour popping around the place did tend to leave a stain in your eyes. She had a little fat corgi dog, because she finds corgi’s the cutest of all and it reminded her of the British royal family. That’s also why she named her corgi dog ‘Elizabeth the third’. At work she is very focused on her research and she does dress down, puts up her hair and wears her white coat with pride. But when outside again, her puffy long hair comes down with even more pride. The people who knew Alice personally would see any other person on the street with blue hair and would immediately be reminded of their quirky Alice. Quirky genius Alice Ricca Parker with a bright smile and a gleeful attitude. Everyone who knew her loved her, and everyone who she considered as her dearest friends knew her best through her specific tastes of a ‘sexual nature’.


 Alice Ricca Parker loved Hardcore Bondage parties. She loved to wurm herself into latex outfits and dance and fuck till the night was out. Now this may come as a surprising shock to you as you are reading this, my dear reader. Describing Alice as being lovely and refined, yet quirky and having an ‘unconventional’ sex life. Well, she was lovely and refined, yet also quirky and happened to have a unconventional’ sex life. In short, she was a clever scientific researcher with quirky interests and a taste for ‘unconventional’ sex parties. That was the life of Alice Ricca Parker. Scientist by day, Sexual predator at night. Alice, with her close friends, would not only attend SM bondage parties, but would also host them. She was quite famous for her sophisticated sex parties, which always produced the best sex sandals or gossip. Oh yes, her parties were the most popular and hardest ones to get into due to the secrecy and discretion of her guests. And it is at one of these parties where she met her biggest love and later husband, but I am getting ahead of the story. Alice Ricca Parker had two closets. One with her casual clothes and the other with a complete latex, sex wardrobe which costs a fortune! Even the latex outfits that only contained of a few straps that don’t even cover everything is excessively expensive. But that is the price you pay for when you have your sexy outfits specially fitted to your body. Alice Ricca Parker was a beautiful woman with all the right curves, but she was very petite and the standard small clothing sizes didn’t always fit perfectly. And Alice wanted everything to fit her perfectly. But I must say, I have the strangest feeling that you do not believe me, dear reader. That you do not believe Alice Ricca Parker exists. 

Why? Can you not believe a scientific researcher, a woman no less, can be into bondage parties? Does the question raise your eyebrows? Is it because she is a woman, that you’d feel like a person described here cannot exist? Or does it sound to absurd to be true?

 Well, I will be honest. Of course Alice Ricca Parker does not exist. She is a figment of my strange imagination. But the idea that you think the person described, whom I named Alice Ricca Parker, cannot exist. Well, I feel that is very narrow minded. You see, especially when it comes to sex, all of us have a double life in a sense. A double persona where one is visible to the world and the other to only those trusted persons. Many love to throw themselves into a certain world, but only if they can also walk out again. But mostly I’ve noticed is that a clever and sophisticated woman is considered not ‘allowed’ any bit a fun of a sexual nature. A ‘Woman’ is not ‘allowed’ to explore her own body, without being labeled a dirty whore, a dirty slut or any other negative word. Whereas ‘Men’ can fuck around as much as they want without any of those labels. Well, no. No I’m wrong about the last one. Sex is always okay for ‘Men’(yet not for Women), but when men are into bondage, they are labeled as a pervert, a sicko or any other negative word. Why? They are not hurting anyone. On the contrary. They are pleasuring themselves and each other, LITERALLY. But why not accept that people have both persona’s? The clever and sophisticated persona that can make a difference shown to the world, and the lustful and pleasured persona on the other which is only visible to close trusting circles? It’s not like people with certain ‘unconventional tastes’ parade their interest and throw them in your face. No, on the contrary. It is something private between trusted people. But even if you happen to know about it of certain person, then why must there be prejudice and taboo be put upon such natural desires? Why is it considered scandalise? True, SM and Bondage is a distorted sexual nature which has been labeled as a fetish, but still is of a sexual nature. A nature we all have! So why put a negative spin to it?


Oh, and if you are wondering why I titled this ‘THE EARLY HANGOVER OF ALICE RICCA PARKER’, it is because of this illustration below which I made not to long ago. It came to me like this; Ever been partying all night long and stopped drinking somewhere in the middle of the night? Well, sometimes the hangover can kick in early without you having gone to bed first. Instead of waking up with it, you party into it. And that’s how I imagine Alice Ricca Parker. A young woman who doesn’t want to stop partying, even though her hangover has kicked in. A woman who would want to stay up all night and be fabulous while having fun. A woman of quirky class and sexual sophistication. A woman like that CAN exist and probably does exist. Somewhere. But she must hide her tastes for the prevention of being prosecuted. In the society we life in now, if Alice Ricca Parker her co-workers at the research facility would discover her Bondage parties, they would fire her purely for the sake of image. Doesn’t matter if she is good at what she does or how much she has accomplished while having been there. She must hid. And I feel this is a real damn shame. It has happened to many people through history who brought so much good into the world, yet were condemned for their sexual nature or orientation. But the only one they are hurting with that nature or orientation are other peoples sensitivities. Sensitivities bent on hate and misunderstood traditions, whether on love and understanding in fellow man. Just because it ain’t completely normal, why is it considered as unacceptable? As you can tell, I am not big on answers. I’m big on questions. If you have answers, than good on you. But if you came with answers immediately after reading this, then you don’t question enough. Confusing? Ask me why.


And if you already do believe that ALICE RICCA PARKER can exist and you can question as much as me, then forgot I said anything and thank you for reading.





Hi, My name is Suze Gil and I write to help freelance animators, share my love for art and tell stories.



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