work method

Step 1.

     Let's talk!

Send me a email or book a appointment. After an inquiry, you will receive a link to book a 20-40 minutes coffee talk with me via Skype or Google chat. During this call, I will explain my service and work method in details, such as what’s included, timeline, and the process from start to finish. I encourage you to ask me all your questions, as I will do. This way I will completely get to know your goals and vision for your project. This step will help us get to know each other and be open as a team.


Step 2.

      An agreement

At the end of the call, you will get my reassurance by sending you a follow-up email regarding the next step with a Project proposal, Working dates, a Contract and a Payment Plan for your review. Once honoured, I will set the starting date and following working hours(In this period of time, my time is reserved for YOU). At the same time, I will send everything needed to begin the creating process — and a Shared Dropbox and/or Google drive Folder to gather and share your content. (Don't worry; I'll provide plenty of guidance along the way)


Pre-production, Production, Post-production!

Here is when I will get to work. Starting on the agreed date, I will begin with the pre-production which can include; script and/or voice-over, storyboarding, research, designs, style-frames, etc (all depending on the project). Afterwards this first stage, feedback and a good-to-go will be needed from you, the client. Once a good-to-go has been given, then I will begin on the production. This can include; animating, cleaning of design, formatting, editing, lay-outs, etc. Afterwards this second stage, again feedback and a good-to-go will be needed. Then post-production will begin, which can include, compositing, cleaning, sound-design, music design, etc. (Please keep in mind , when working with a strict  deadline, at every stage I will only continue working on the next stage after feedback has been given. The terms and conditions will be included in the contract. Please read those before agreeing.)


Final round before sign-off

Here is the ‘almost finished piece’. Maybe there needs to be a last minute change of text or color. And this can be arranged in this final feedback round. However, after the post-production is done, there can't be huge changes done without starting over (which will cost more time and money). So for me it's important we have a GREAT communication during the project after the pre-production, after the production, after the post-production and after more production! When everything is approved and given the thumbs up, your work is done and my work almost.


Render and final delivery package

When everything is done, it’s present time! But your present takes preparation and therefore render-time. Especially high quality animation files can tend to become very big in gigabits and the render time can take a very long time. When everything has been cleaned up and rendered, you will receive a link to a special SUZE filebox, where you will find all the deliverables ready to use.. After a week or so, I will send you  a follow up email requesting a review of our collaboration. It's not mandatory, of course. But it will be a great help to me and my company. Hope to work with you soon.